Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Patterns of Power logo - further developed / final

After long deliberation I decided to take another stab at the identity for 'Patterns of Power'. I felt the last design attempt was a little flawed i.e. a bit rushed, not very modern, 2 dimensional in terms of how it worked as a stand alone logo, plus it almost reads 'poop' at a quick glance (which is never good)! So with a bit more focus and some further understanding of what I actually wanted to achieve, I present the above identity.

The aim of the website it will predominantly feature on, is to showcase both colourful patterns and illustrative shapes, and to also communicate facts and information through stylised infographics and visual data, which I feel this logo is far more representative of. Maybe I can sleep at night now!


Kat Gent said...

Awesome. The greeny blue one is my personal fav with the pinky one a close second. Was going to say something about the poop glancing look thing but i thought maybe I saw it because I'm alot more immature than you!

Stuart Ford said...

no your right and it had been bugging me for ages!