Saturday 25 June 2011

Film Music of Hans Zimmer Vol.2 - physical album

'Film Music of Hans Zimmer Vol.2' is a two disc compilation of some of Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer's finest film scores. From the unhinged strings of The Dark Knight to dream-state arrangements from Inception.

It is the visuals from Inception that inspired the design of this album artwork, drawing on the themes of building vast, maze-like landscapes and complex impossible patterns mirroring the intricate networks of the mind, with a very German-industrial-architectural-angular feel to it.

The maze background itself started out as a 2D repeat pattern before being rendered into 3D in Illustrator, while the 3D block text was again created first in 2D as a maze-like typeface (which gave me a headache) before again being converted into it's 3D perspective and then photoshopped to look like it was rising out of the surface of the maze like skyscrapers towering above a city street level.

The physical album is available for purchase via Silva Screen Records and Amazon UK

You can also download the album via iTunes which comes with a digital booklet of the artwork (not as fun though is it)!

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