Sunday, 16 September 2012

Super Themes - album artwork

Super Themes is a compilation of super hero theme tunes covering a wide diversity of caped-crusaders from the big and small screen. From Adam West's Batman to The Dark Knight; Superman to Kick-Ass; X-Men to The Avengers… the music that lifts these characters out of comic book pages and onto our screens could be the real source of their super powers.

With the origins of these (sometimes) masked crime-fighters firmly in mind, I chose to focus the artwork for this album on the comic book strip, creating and illustrating a story about the power of one catchy theme tune. I also inadvertently turned an 'average Joe' into a superhuman when he is exposed to the music on this album, acquiring the ability to tear off the restraints of an ordinary working man's life and adorn the customary brightly coloured spandex suit and mask!

Album available here: Silva Screen and Amazon UK

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