Monday 5 July 2010

UK Space Agency logo concept for Wired Magazine

Ok so not actually comissioned by the UK Space Agency, but Wired Magazine ran a piece on Britain's answer to NASA (our ground control being based in Swindon)! Their analysis of the logo was less than enthusiastic, describing it as "tatty old white-van-man Britain" (not to mention the blatant Doctor Who rip off) and then opened up the challenge for readers to do better alternatives.

Although mine has a subtle, national pride come intergalactic exploration idea behind it, and a more rounded-futuristic looking typeface I might add, I have to say the best interpretation had to go to the person who designed a logo consisting of Admiral Ackbar posing patriotically in front of a Union Jack flag... Genius (just wish I could find a web link to it, see the 'rants' section of July's printed issue of Wired UK)