Sunday 12 August 2012

Logotypes and Identities

Choice Cuts Music identity. More info here >

Font Aid IV: Coming Together ampersand glyph. More info here >

Infusion catering service identity. Produced while at Touch

Font Aid V: Made For Japan glyph design. More info here >

Kerraheel wound care product for the foot. Produced while at Touch

London Music Works record and perform film and TV scores

On-One custom mountain bike manufacturers logo

Patterns of Power. See the animated ident for this here >

Flaminal Post-Op scar healing gel. Produced while at Touch

SBMC music industry publishing & rights management company

Silva Screen Masters music licensing service. More info here >

Silva Screen Records refreshed brand identity

Skinkers logo for a digital media agency. Produced while at Touch

UK Space Agency alternative logo for Wired. More info here >

Saturday 4 August 2012

Star Wars Parody Posters: Global Financial Crisis

Here are some politically motivated posters, parodying the iconic Star Wars scrolling intro text.

I decided to write three short statements based on the events unfolding around the financial crisis, but narrate the situation as if it was the preface to a Star Wars saga.

The statements remain scathing and cynical yet bare a slightly comical attitude towards the recession, and it doesn't take too much of an imagination to see the similarities between this real life event and George Lucas' s fictional universe of scum and villainy!

It often feels like our political leaders are living on a different planet to us anyway… sometimes light-years away!

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Choice Cuts - Print and web identity designs

Choice Cuts is a music compilation series that showcases the best of multi-label artists, songs, soundtracks and recordings. Each series or 'Cut' can be as unique as the next, with a playlist styled towards a collection of songs that can either home-in on a specific band (straight cut), become genre specific (the scenester), showcase the up-and-coming (buzz cut) or simply highlight a diverse mix of music (the unkempt look)!

The point was to keep the Choice Cuts brand simple yet fun so that each series could work individually but still maintain the same identity as the previous, a continuous running joke that will eventually run out of steam when we have to feature a bald-headed artist on the series!

See the website here: